New Patios, Fencing Installations and New Decking in Dartford | Tips to Enhance Your Decking

When the weather allows, nothing is better than relaxing and socialising outdoors. We can help transform your garden into a haven of comfort which doubles up as a private space and a welcoming atmosphere. At J&K Building Services Ltd, it’s our job to enhance your Dartford home, and we excel at what we do. In the trade for over 15 years, we’ve picked up a few ideas along the way and can incorporate these into the following property maintenance and hard landscaping services:

  • New Decking

  • New Patios

  • Driveway Installations

  • Fencing Installations

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How to Enhance Your Decking

Decking can be installed anywhere and is particularly effective as an extended living area over uneven terrain. It’s an elegant alternative to new patios, although many of our Dartford clients prefer installing both options. J&K Building Services can manage these works alongside other property maintenance and renovation services, such as fencing installations and driveway installations.

We’ve come up with a few suggestions you might like to consider to make your decking area stand out:

Add a Dash of Colour

You don’t have to stick with standard timber shades. Modern styles lean towards pale greys, whereas lilac, light blues, and greens achieve the bright cottage-core look.

And Lighting

Outdoor lights don’t have to remain attached to your property walls. We can add them to the risers on the new decking stairs, and place recessed lights around the edge for a cosy feel.

Don’t Forget Plants

Including greenery will help blend your decking, lawn and fencing installations into a more uniform look. Tall planters also provide some privacy for relaxing or socialising in Dartford homes.

Level Up!

If your property has uneven ground, why not spread the decking out over a few levels? This staggered approach adds character with several focal points instead of a standard installation.

Cover It!

The decking we fit as part of our hard landscaping services perfectly supports pergolas and awnings, offering a shaded area you can decorate with hanging lights, flowers and shrubs.

Turn Corners!

To incorporate a more fluid look, we can design and create curved decking to mimic flower beds, fit a water feature, and blend the surface into driveway installations or new patios for a smoother finish.

Zone Out

Remember, you’re not limited to having new decking positioned right outside your back door. Dotting it around creates extra seating spaces and more areas for potted plants.

Still Stuck for Ideas?

We can help. Our experts at J&K Building Services will conduct a site visit and develop a design to suit both outdoor space and budget. It’s all part of our hard landscaping and property maintenance services.

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