New Driveways

New Driveways in Maidstone, Dartford and the Surrounding Areas

We always say first impressions last. The gateway to your home or commercial property is the driveway and entrance. Therefore, these parts of your property must always be in good condition. For homeowners planning to rent, or business owners who welcome clients and customers regularly, you don’t want to have public members put off by an unkempt exterior. As part of our professional property maintenance services in Maidstone, Dartford and the surrounding areas, J&K Building Services offers clients the chance to enhance their exterior spaces with a range of new driveways.

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100% Positive Feedback From Our Clients

Home and business owners highly regard our professional services, and most of our new business comes from recommendations. This satisfaction rating is a testament to our work as we always focus on attention to detail, exemplary finishes, and client satisfaction. The range of new driveways we install for our clients throughout Kent includes the following:

  • Block Paving Driveways

  • Gravel Driveways

  • Shingle Driveways

  • Stamped Concrete

Block Paving

Arranged in a pattern of your choice, J&K Building Services’ block paving driveways are extremely durable and capable of withstanding immense weights. The surface requires little maintenance throughout its lifetime – just a quick wash with liquid detergent and water will do the trick. Available in various colours and styles, the finished look can complement your property’s exterior, creating a flow to the overall look of your home or premises.

Gravel Driveways

A low-budget option that is fast and easy to install, our gravel installations don’t require much maintenance either. They suit more rustic properties, especially with a variety of colour options. They are also a more environmentally friendly option and popular with our climate-conscious clients in Maidstone and Dartford. The noise produced when walking or driving over these new driveways also alerts you to the approach of pedestrians and vehicles.

Shingle Driveways

You may not think there’s much difference between shingle and gravel driveways, and you’d be correct. Both have similar characteristics and benefits. Shingles are wider at one end, a trait which lets them interlock with one another under pressure and form a tighter bond. If you have rockery or bedding plants around your driveway, we can also spread the shingle throughout to complete the look of the new entrance.

Stamped Concrete

J&K Building Services’ pattern imprinted new driveways are very popular with our clients in Maidstone and Dartford. Known for longevity and durability, the material never loses its fresh appeal and is suitable for all aspects of your outdoor space. Whether you’re looking for a design that mimics natural stone, block paving, slate tiles, or even decking, we can create a low-maintenance look onsite in various designs and colours.

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