New Fencing

New Fencing in Maidstone, Dartford and the Surrounding Areas

There are many advantages to having new fencing installed at your home or commercial property. Not only does it highlight a definite boundary, but it also offers a considerable amount of privacy that low walls or hedges can’t provide. This benefit allows you to relax and socialise on your new patios or new decking – installed by our professional team at J&K Building Services – without worrying about prying eyes. And, in locations where properties are constructed close together, that can be quite off-putting.

As property maintenance experts, we now install new fencing solutions for our clients in Maidstone, Dartford and the surrounding areas. If you’d like to see images of projects we’ve undertaken so far, please refer to our online gallery.

Adding Privacy and Style to Your Home

Timber fencing comes in a variety of styles to suit your taste. Examples include:

  • Closeboard Panels

  • Featheredge Panels

  • Lattice Panels

  • Picket Fencing

  • Decorative Fencing

  • Harris Fencing

Additional Frameworks

J&K Building Services will install either timber or concrete posts to secure your new fencing panels. Timber supports offer a smoother flow to the panelling, blending perfectly to present a more uniform look to the new installations. They are ideal for shaded gardens which aren’t exposed to harsh weather conditions. Concrete posts, on the other hand, offer the best support as they are more durable and capable of withstanding extreme winds. If your Maidstone or Dartford property is more open to such weather, we recommend the sturdier concrete posts.

We also supply and fit gravel boards that lift the panels off the ground, protecting the timbers from the damp earth. These boards help to prolong the life of your fencing and negate the need for repairs or replacements.

Additional Services

Where gravel boards aren’t in place, and the current fencing at your property has begun to rot, we can replace it with identical panels. Alternatively, why not take the opportunity to update the entire garden area with new fencing panels reflecting a new, more vibrant outdoor space?

Panels can be stained to give a warmer glow to the natural timbers or painted in a range of colours to complement surrounding flowers and shrubbery.

Where appropriate, J&K Building Services will also take responsibility for removing and the safe disposal of your old fencing and supports.

Harris Fencing

Also known as Heras fencing, these heavy-duty panels are installed as temporary security barriers around building sites.

Their anti-climb properties make them ideal for protecting homes and premises in Maidstone, Dartford and the surrounding areas where renovations occur.

Not only will they secure the works in progress, but they’ll also keep children and pets away from the unfinished works and site machinery.

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